Welcome on the pages of our Club.

    Horticlub was founded in 1979 at town Olomouc as the next organization to the Club for developement of Gardener´s Trade. It was founded as the special basic organization of The Czech Union of Gardeners. The first chairman was Mr. Jan Černý from town Jaroměř, who has been known as the cultivator and improves of petunias. After moving to Prague, the agent Mr. Jan Tykač has been a leader.

The garden lives in the winter, as well. Health in May period.. Water surface with a savannah area.
Azaleas bear's also a full sun.The grace of solitary also a full sun.Symbiosis of Japanese maple with flowing water. The refuge in the garden is an ideal place to relax.
Work in the garden may be a strain regardless generation differences. The nook with a fireplace. The glamour of the hoarfrost winter.
    In view to the others specializated organisations, that are aimed to the cultivation of the certain kinds of plants, Horticlub (Latin name Hortus = garden) is tracing to general view of space of garden by the specific claims of owners.

    Many lectures, lessons and visits are held for members of this club and here one can obtain knowledges and experiences in all branches of activities that are useful to make the own garden like an oasis of beauty and peace. You will be able to enrich your life no only by suitable creative activity, but also with a wonderful time of rest in beautiful surrounding.
The best activity of this club was reached in period of 1984 - 1988 when 1762 members from all Czechoslovak Republic were registered.

    The activity of Horticlub is devided to various sections by the sphere of interests of members.
We believe you would be interesting in some of our activities. In the case of your interest you can join us on the address